Shelley Ingersoll

As far back as I can remember I have been intrigued by the art of personal adornment and the creation of unique jewelry. I began around the age of 12 stringing beads and seashells and making macramé necklaces and bracelets. As I entered high school I became filled with the desire to have unique, original jewelry. I would use found objects and metal wire to create one-of-a-kind pieces. In 1994 I enrolled in a jewelry-making course taught by a local silversmith. This experience quickly expanded my knowledge of new mediums and inspired me to new designs and ideas.

While working on my jewelry designs I graduated from University of South Alabama with a BFA in Graphic Design and Photography. My exposure to graphic design has led me to compose my jewelry with a simple interaction between elements in mind. I am very interested in the way different shapes interact with each other and now experiment with textures as well. The combinations of stones, textures, and metals are endless and there are always new ideas to be found.

I am currently working on several new projects. Two of these being a series of textured pieces and a collection of small sterling silver boxes. Some boxes will be offered alone and some with matching pieces of jewelry. The textured series will include different types of jewelry with the same texture so that several pieces may be combined as a set. My main goal is to create unique wearable art that will be treasured for a lifetime by its owner.