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This site is dedicated to my collection of jewelry and gifts. Specializing in the creation of original custom silver designs, I have crafted these pieces with a style and passion that I believe gives them an air of distinction and tastefulness.

I hope you enjoy browsing my selection of gifts and jewelry. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

It is a privilege to share my creations with those who love artistic jewelry and gifts.

Centuries of Fascination

The earliest of people adorned themselves. For over 3000 years, fine metals such as gold and silver have been used in the making of jewelry. These pieces represent distinction, rites of passage, ideals and honor throughout the centuries. They both reflect the culture that produced it and the person who wore it. Some of these pieces have set new standards with the sheer uncomplicated force of their beauty. They have changed cultures and inspired us for centuries.

It is inspiring to imagine what future generations will prize about the jewelry of our time. What pieces will be remembered? What will it tell them about us? Perhaps it will be something from your collection.